Custom Design

Each bungalow we build is still custom cut and fabricated to order, so there is ample opportunity for custom design changes. Our standard designs have specific dimensions for windows, doors, overhangs and on-center spacings. However, we are happy to accommodate minor alterations at little or no charge, depending on the nature of the change. Shifting a windowsill higher or lower, for example, can be done without incurring an additional charge.

For more significant, creative designs, we offer a design service specific to panel-framing. A significant benefit of our panel-framing technique is that each panel is a standardized, interchangeable component easily adapted to creative designs. We charge a $1000 non-refundable design deposit to generate working drawings and cost quotes for custom design panel-frame structures. For this fee, we determine the basic structure with our client, generate scale drawing elevations, floorplan, foundation plan, along with a cost quote to fabricate the structure.

Upon receipt of a 50% deposit, we order materials and start fabrication of the new structure. The balance of payment is due upon delivery of the Bungalow In a Box.

If you have creative inspiration and would like to explore panel-framing for your design, contact Raoul Hennin at (207)443-5691 or email:
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