Casco Bay Barn House Timberframe Raising + House Tour

We designed and built this 2,000s.f. timber frame house for a discerning client on a Casco Bay Island here in Maine and want to share the building process, from milling the lumber, fabricating the components, barging to the island, and raising the timber frame. The video includes a special house tour with the client a year after she had settled in to her new home.

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Timberframe Raising
Carving a Timber Frame for 2018
Timberframe for Santa
14' x 20' Panel-Frame Bungalow with Porch
Carriage House Door Renovation
"Brigadoon" Timber Frame Addition
Snowy 2-Day Bungalow Raising
Cutting A Mortice

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24'x40' Casco Bay Barn House

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