Our Bungalows are typically designed and built for a specific use. Examples of our work, shown here, illustrate unique combinations of materials and methods. We take great pride in crafting each structure to a particular intended use. Enjoy these photos of actual projects, and imagine the possibilities...

Pond-Side Studio
12'x16' with entry

Mountain Retreat
12'x24' with porch

12'x16' with
12'x12' Ell Addition
Waterford Bungalow
14'x20' with entry

(Panel Framing)

Pocono Getaway
14'x20' with entry
*(as seen on HGTV)*
(Panel Framing)
Alpine Bungalow
14'x24' with entry

(Timber Framing)

Gotham Home Office

(SIP-ONLY Framing)

Madison Loft Bungalow
16'x24' with 2' kneewall
*(as seen on HGTV)*

(Panel&Timber Framing)

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